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Hello Friend,

Our local Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance chapter holds meetings at different locations throughout Berrien County; we also meet on different evenings to accommodate everyone.

We are here to support people in the community who have been diagnosed with Depression or Bipolar, as well as their family members and friends. Anyone wishing to attend must be at least in their teens. Teens must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

Our purpose is to offer support and a time for peers and families to share ideas and recovery strategies. We offer a confidential time to share our struggles and triumphs.

Our meetings include a different topic each week geared to help peers cope with their illness, and share recovery strategies. Presenters of these topics are members of our group or professionals. These topics are followed by small group support sessions led by facilitators within the support group.

In this website you will find our chapter brochures which explain the structure of our meetings, and the locations and times of our different Support Group Meetings.

                                                      You are not alone, we’ve been there and we can help.

            Your local DBSA Support Group Team

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